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Difference in sun altitude at around 13.30 on 7/3 and 29/6.

  Gnomon shadow length comparison - early in light season (10.00) and just after summer solstice (13.45)   Long shadow from bell tower early in season is too diffuse to interfere with reading the dial.    
Shining base    
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Another way of telling the approximate time from a distance is the sides of the stainless steel base - they shine like a beacon when the sun is directly at the four compass bearings! - midnight (first pic), noon (second and third)    
Summer Solstice        
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Solar midnight on 16/6, 5 days before summer solstice   (Black and white) Same date, taking turns to take photos with this tourist from Stockholm at 01:00         
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Solfest 8 March 2004  Singing at the 'old hospital steps' - the sun didn't come back after its first appearance the day before    Sun Festival (Solfest) cake, 8 March 2003         
Return of the sun    
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7/3 12.41 Waiting at the 'old hospital steps' - will it return a day early due to the leap year?   7/3 12.48 Yes, it did!  Here is the scene which is depicted on the line drawing above the date on the dial plate   7/3 13.10 A very quick race to the sundial for Tony to make the final adjustments.    
The Inauguration - 6 March 2004
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Ready for the unveiling. Jan Terje covering the exposed pylons with snow (we had to wait for shingle until the piles thawed and it was possible to put a spade into it!)   Champagne and snacks provided by Store Norske and Solfestuka committee (the dip was getting quite hard by the end of the ceremony)   The fresh roses we were given, wrapped carefully to avoid freezing   'Put down your weapons and put your hands up!' - a megaphone was the only practical way of being heard.  A good crowd considering competition with two polar bears who decided to visit town down at the harbour
Installation - 5 March 2004        
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We couldn't have done without Trygve and Jøran who helped us overcome several difficulties such as re-boring holes in the stone   The leveling process took a while! Tony shows signs of frustration
Birthday cake, 2003!    
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7/10 My birthday cake last year in England (from Ronnie & Co, made by the skilled Cheryll Fuller)   The gnomon on this cake casting a shadow - only suitable for the North Pole!   7/10  I was reluctant to cut into such a painstaking effort!    
Trying out ideas    
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Various ideas (and cardboard or ply models) for bases that came before the final one
  Fiddling around with the dial 'furniture' (motto, EOT chart etc), finding the best spots for it   Using Photoshop to get an idea of what the final product might look like   Back to the drawing board - I found the initial design work was much better achieved the old fashioned way


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May, 2003, 12 am - trying out the very basic initial prototype Tony emailed to me, with the help of compass and spirit level   Clouds reflected in the shiny base plate    Tourist from Czech Republic trying to get a shot from above   National Day May 17 - with Bjørn Fjukstad, Sysselmann Odd Olsen Ingerør, Anne Lise Sandvik
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If you catch the snowflakes and glaciers from a certain angle, they gleam white, as was intended   10/3 The polar bear looking very at home on one of the rare times there was no wind to blow the snow away! There is a brush for these occasions   June, 2004 - evidence of the ground thawing - the ground was level with the base plate before the thaw - just as well the three wooden pylons are there to keep the dial level   Dial from above