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1 (Norske)

More information about Longyearbyen
2 The current weather in Longyearbyen
3 Full Moon Times

Interesting information about sundials for beginners
5  About the equation of time
6 About the moon dial (text only)

Explaining the equation of time and analemma with some great animations

Great multiple exposure photo of the sun during one year showing the analemma effect

8 Earthdial Project - webcams of sundials all over the world showing different times simultaneously

Sunrise and sunset times for anywhere in the world

Sun/Moon altitude/Azimuth calculator

10 (British) (North American)

Sundial Society Sites and their respective glossaries





Anne Bruvold's site with a growing list of Norwegian sundials
12 Tony's website with examples of the other dials he has made
13 Site about Tasmania
14 Peter Rigozzi's  site with some of the furniture he produces and pictures of Tasmania
15 Great animation of the phases of the moon

16 (Norske)

More information about Longyearbyen
17 The current weather in Longyearbyen